Exhibits and Displays

John Dickinson Plantation (Dover, DE)

Five Stories: The People and Families of the Plantation
Simple Machines: exploring the mechanical elements of historical equipment and how they build the foundations of modern machinery.

Legislative Hall (Dover, DE)

When Janie Comes Marching Home: Women's Fight to Serve

New Castle Court House Museum (New Castle, DE)

New Castle: Three Forts, One Community
Your Vote, Your Choice
The Path to Freedom: A History of the Underground Railroad in Delaware

The Old State House (Dover, DE)

The Old State House: A True Restoration. 1976 to 2016

Zwaanendael Museum, Lewes, Delaware

A Seaborne Citizenry: The DeBraak and its Atlantic world
Delaware Railroads: Elegant travel and timely transport

Online Exhibits

Collage of black and white portrait's of queer people, multiple different ages and time period throughout history. Each person is outlined in a different brand color in order of red, yellow, teal, light purple, and dark purple in that order.
Image for the DuPont Colored Schools Story Map
Photo of "Segregated Sands" banner
Drawing America Banner
Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania

Online Displays

On a Wing and a Prayer: The Use of Military Glider Aircraft in World War II

On a Wing and a Prayer: A Closer Look at Military Glider Aircraft Used in World War II

America’s Heavy Hitter – The B-17 Flying Fortress

World War II Mission Symbols

“Donut Dollies” & the American Red Cross in World War

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