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About Agency

The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs is an agency of the State of Delaware, organized as a Division within the Department of State. Funding for the Division’s museums, programs, and services is provided by annual appropriations from the Delaware General Assembly and grants from the National Park Service, a federal agency.

The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs has published a Strategic Plan for FY15-FY19. View the full plan or go to the Executive Summary.

Mission Statement
The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs serves Delaware residents and visitors by identifying, preserving, and interpreting Delaware history. Our activities foster strong communities, engaged citizens, economic vitality, and a deeper understanding of Delaware’s role in world history. We do this in public trust for current and future generations.
Our audiences are actively engaged in learning (in many ways) and understand how Delaware history is meaningful to their lives. Our audiences are actively exploring a diversity of historical and cultural perspectives to inform and influence decisions about the future. Our audiences feel welcomed, valued, and encouraged to question and explore. The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs is a trustworthy, ethical, and reliable partner with organizations, agencies, and individuals with whom we have common goals. All division staff and volunteers will consistently make use of each other’s knowledge and skills, building professional relationships across teams.
Core Values
Communication: We are committed to an open, proactive, and thoughtful exchange of information and ideas that promotes trust and understanding in our internal and external relationships. Professionalism: We are committed to conducting ourselves in a professional manner to co-workers, partners, and the public in order to be recognized as a reputable and reliable resource. Creativity: We are committed to supporting innovative thinking and nurturing a creative environment. Our passion for history inspires us to risk taking new approaches. Knowledge: We are committed to the growth and professional development of staff and volunteers in order to ensure that all of our activities are strongly grounded in scholarly research, current and reliable best practices, and relevant laws, rules, and regulations. Discourse/Dialog: We are committed to open debate and discourse on subjects relevant to the past, present, and future of Delaware. Community Involvement: We are committed to actively listening to, and communicating, collaborating, and partnering with, the community in the development of our programs and services. Stewardship: We are committed to the responsible management of the division’s assets, seeking to exceed best practices. Cooperation: We are committed to developing and maintaining trust and respect amongst co-workers, partners, and our audiences to provide a positive and collaborative atmosphere to achieve common goals.


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