The Saving Delaware History podcast explores the fascinating facets of Delaware history. Each episode covers a location, project, or research by the HCA including origins of the endeavor, interviews with experts, and its largest impacts. Delaware’s Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs continues its mission of preserving and interpreting Delaware history by providing the staff and funding for this podcast. Enjoy the 40+ episodes of Saving Delaware History Podcast.

Featured Episodes

Preserving Delaware’s heritage and showcasing the historic legacy of our state are the guiding principles of our agency. Through active historic preservation efforts, engaging educational programs, stimulating exhibits and more, the Division is committed to enhancing Delaware’s quality of life by helping people connect with those aspects of our past that have made this state what it is today. These three featured podcast episodes showcase the diversity of our agency and some of the interesting work we do within our agency and alongside our partner locations. You can listen to our podcast on Buzzsprout, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more!


“Liberty and Justice for ALL!!!” declares the hot-pink sign created by Gail Reid for last year’s removal of the whipping post at the Old Sussex Court House, which was recently acquired by the HCA’s Collections program. Take in this story about Gail’s protest poster as told by Curator of Collections Elizabeth Coulter and Ms. Reid herself.

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State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)

Long-treasured locations like Funland in Rehoboth, Delaware are brought before the State Historic Review Board, where they rigorously check the nominated sites against maintenance requirements and cultural significance standards before forwarding the approvals down to Washington, D.C. Unfold this episode of The Saving Delaware History Podcast with the Board’s Chairman Jim Ellison.

Avery’s Rest

Unidentified remains for eleven people, constituting the largest colonial burial site in Delaware, were inadvertently discovered in 2007 as a part of an excavation by the Archaeological Society of Delaware. Join us for this introduction to the Avery’s Rest site with Chief Project Manager Dan Griffith.

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