Your Vote, Your Choice Exhibit at the New Castle Court House Museum

Entrance to the Your Vote, Your Choice exhibit; a large pillar with red white and blue coloring, featuring informational text about the exhibit and a promotional fan used for political campaigns.

Your Vote, Your Voice covers the history of voting rights to the present day.

Voting rights have changed significantly over time, and are affected by state and local laws. This exhibit explores not only the changes in voting rights nationally, but in Delaware as well. It also features information about voting in New Castle, an interactive section where you can vote on whether election day should be a holiday, and take-home information about voting rights.  

This is an ongoing exhibit at the New Castle Court House Museum in New Castle, Delaware. The exhibit is located on the second floor of the museum and is not accessible to wheelchairs. Please contact the museum for more information.

Phone: (302) 323-4453