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Interested in Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives? More information...

Wilmington YMCA, 501 W 11th Street, Wilmington, October 2001

Delaware's Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program assists in preserving and rehabilitating historic buildings throughout Delaware Enacted in 2001, $30 million in tax credits are available for ten years, with $3 million allocated each year. Since its inception, the program has proven highly successful, generating over $79 million in private investment to rehabilitate twenty-five historic buildings.

Amount of Credits The amount of the tax credit is equal to a percentage of the cost of the rehabilitation:

  • 20% for income-producing buildings
  • 30 % for owner-occupied, residential buildings
  • additional 10% for low-income housing projects

Credits can be transferred, sold or assigned to anyone with Delaware income tax or franchise tax liability.

Crouch House, 317 S. Governor's Avenue, Dover, October 2002