Beach-Going In Jim Crow Era (1877 – 1964)

Learn More About the Beaches of Delaware in Jim Crow Era: 1877 - 1964

Beach-going was no exception to the state-sanctioned segregation laws of the twentieth century. Many of the beaches discussed in this digital exhibit were either designated locations for Black beach-goers to visit anytime they desired or had a specific day or days scheduled when they could visit the beach. This day(s) was often called “Colored Day” or “Negro Day” to indicate it was the day in which people classified as Black, Indigenous, Negro, colored, or any other name associated with a person of color during the era could visit the otherwise “whites-only” beach for a day of fun in the sun.

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New Castle Beaches

Vintage photo of Augustine Beach
Augustine Beach

Kent Beaches

Sussex Beaches

Small Community Beaches

Vintage photo of small community beaches
Big Stone Beach / Cedar Beach / Slaughter Beach