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‘A Seaborne Citizenry: The DeBraak and Its Atlantic World’ exhibit at the Zwaanendael Museum

Exhibit explores His Majesty’s Sloop of War DeBraak, a British warship that was capsized and lost off the Delaware coast on May 25, 1798.

African-American History Month programs among 18 special events at division museums during February 2018

Highlights include programs on African-American life at the John Dickinson Plantation in the 18th century, the evolution of Black recorded music and African-American archaeology in Delaware.

Archaeology Corner

Report – “Underwater Archaeological Investigation of the Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck“ Online exhibit – “Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck: A Glimpse of World Trade in the 18th Century“ Online brochure – “Rediscovery through Recovery: Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck“ “Report of the Archaeological Investigations of the New Castle Court House Plaza“ May is Delaware Archaeology Month! More information… Projectile Point […]

Archaeology Position

Qualifications We are looking for a self-motivated, outgoing volunteer who works well within a team and is able to complete assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Knowledge and passion for history is a plus! Must be reliable, flexible, willing to learn, and attentive to detail. Ability to use a computer, learn proper techniques […]

Archaic Period

Archaic Period (6500 – 3000 B.C.). The Archaic Period is the most poorly known time period in all of Delaware prehistory, even though it is not the oldest. There are no well-preserved and excavated sites from this period in the state. Nevertheless, many projectile points from this time period have been found on the surface […]

City of Lewes adopts ordinance requiring archaeological investigation for certain development projects

City officials have adopted an ordinance that will require archaeological investigation ahead of large development projects.

Consulting services sought to conduct historical research on Avery’s Rest

Avery’s Rest contains archaeological evidence of 17th century and early 18th century colonial occupation. The due date for submission of proposals has been extended to 4 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 17, 2020.

Contact Period

Contact Period (A.D. 1600 – 1750.) The Contact Period is enigmatic cultural period of Delaware’s archaeological record which begins with the arrival of the first substantial numbers of Europeans and ends with the extermination of all but a few remnant communities of Native Americans. The Lenape were the main ethnic group living in Delaware at […]

Delaware State Historic Preservation Office recent accomplishments

Office’s programs help to preserve Delaware’s historic places and unique cultural identity.

Division welcomes architectural historian … and bids farewell to long-time archaeologist

Hello to Emily Whaley; thanks to Alice Guerrant for decades of service.

Early Colonial Archaeology

Symposia on the early colonial archaeology of the Delaware Valley region have been held at the New Castle Court House Museum in New Castle, Delaware since 2008. The next symposium is scheduled for May 14, 2011 at the same location. The format of the symposium is a range of informal presentations on the practical aspects […]

From the Pacific to Delaware: Preserving and protecting our submerged archaeological sites

Guest article by Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs archaeologist Stephanie Soder.

New Castle History Camp explores native roots

The second New Castle History Summer Camp inspired youngsters to explore northern Delaware’s early history as archaeologists and historians.

Outline of Delaware Prehistory

(from Custer, Jay F. “A Guide to Prehistoric Arrowheads and Spear Points of Delaware.” UD Center for Archaeological Research, Newark, DE. 1996.) There were many changes in the environments of Delaware during the 15,000 years or so of human occupation of the state, and prehistoric peoples had to adapt to these environmental changes. Each of […]

Paleo-Indian Period

Paleo-Indian Period (12,000 – 6500 B.C.). The people who lived in Delaware during the Paleo-Indian time period were the region’s first human residents. Descendants of the first Asians to enter North America via the land bridge that linked Alaska and Siberia during the Ice Age, these nomadic hunters and gatherers wandered across the continent and […]

Recent excavations suggest Buena Vista outbuilding historically used as privy

Archaeological excavations at the Buena Vista property have uncovered the real use of a small, white outbuilding.