Group Tours

Large groups that are interested in a tour must make reservations in advance by calling the First State Heritage Park Reservation Line at (302) 739-9194.

A Balancing Act: Delaware and the Constitution

Students will participate in and understand the legislative process through participating in an interactive program at The Old State House based on the process of passing a law though the branches of government.

Grade Level: 5th – 12th
Length of Time: 45 minutes
Minimum Amount of People: 20

Then and Now

While examining everyday objects used by people in the colonial period, students will be able to compare and contrast historical items with their modern counterparts within the context of The Old State House.

Grade Level: Pre-K – 3rd
Length of Time: 30 minutes


Students can experience the fight for and against freedom by enslaved African Americans and those who knew them through stories, artifacts, documents and the examination of Delawareans in history, in the location where the events took place, The Old State House.

Grade Level: 4th – 12th
Length of Time: 45 minutes

The People’s House

Students will explore Delaware’s historic capitol, The Old State House, and its many functions through the years including a view of Delaware governments in the past. The locations where the branches of government historically conducted business will be pointed out on the building tour.

Grade Level: 4th – 12th
Length of Time: 30-45 minutes

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