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The Spice Box
A program engaging students in hands-on activities that explore the quest for spices that helped shape the world during the 17th and 18th centuries. Through the senses of smell, sight, touch, and sound, students learn about the cultivation, origin, and uses of various spices (and other products). In comparing the past and the present, students describe Delaware material culture and its changes through time. The story of trade also introduces geographic concepts of global connections and reinforces the Lewes historical timeline exhibit. In addition, students in the second grade investigate past and present sailing vessels in their discovery of trade artifacts.

Grade Level: K-2
Length of Time: 50 minutes
Maximum Students: 40
Standards: History 2, 3, 4

Pirates of the East Coast and Davy Jones Bingo
A program introducing students to the lives and historical context of the pirates, both men and women, who raided the East Coast, including the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Students learn about the role that pirates played in Delaware Bay and River trade during the 17th and early 18th centuries. In a bingo game, students match individual pirates to relevant facts of their careers. Students examine the history of piracy, the lore of pirates, the myths, some of the reasons for piracy, and crime and punishment in society.

Grade Level: Grade 3rd
Length of Time: 90 minutes
Maximum Students: 40
Standards: Civics 1; Geography 4; History 3, 4

The Merchants of Lewes and their Stores
A program introducing students to a unique institution, the merchant’s store, which gave personality and flavor to towns like Lewes during the Colonial period in Delaware. The, students gain skills in reading and analyzing primary sources, through ledgers and probate inventories, as well as artifacts to reconstruct the economic and social importance of merchants and trade. This program is an engaging way to learn about the global economy, household and business economics, pricing systems, profit margins, and customer service – colonial style.

Grade Level: Grade 4th
Length of Time: 90 minutes
Maximum Students: 40
Standards: History 2; Economics 3, 4

Life at Sea
A program introducing students to the world of a sailor and allows students to investigate items that would have been carried, used and manufactured by a typical 18th or 19th century sailor. Students start by learning about Lewes’ maritime heritage through The Seaborne Citizenry exhibit that allows them to examine the sailor’s life aboard a Royal Navy vessel. Then, students experience a craft through interpretation and a hands-on activity with an interactive block and tackle station.

Grade Level: Grade 5th
Length of Time: 90 minutes
Maximum Students: 40
Standards: Geography 4; Economics 4; History 4

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