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Newly published book explores the life and legacy of Delaware statesman John Dickinson

Publication a joint effort of the Friends of the John Dickinson Mansion, the Delaware Department of State and the Delaware Heritage Commission.

Blogs celebrate the 250th anniversary of John Dickinson’s “Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania”

Written by Robert Natelson for the Volokh Conspiracy and posted on the Washington Post webpage from Oct. 16–20, 2017.

Former president of Ghana visits John Dickinson Plantation

Leader in Dover to deliver Delaware State University commencement address.

“Simple Machines” display at the John Dickinson Plantation

Display focuses on the six simple machines (inclined plane, screw, wedge, pulley, lever, and wheel and axle) that constitute the elementary building blocks of which many more-complicated machines are composed.

Watch C-SPAN Segments Filmed in Dover, Del.

Beginning on July 20, 2013, C-SPAN, the public-affairs television network, will be posting 13 television segments on its website featuring the literary life and history of Delaware’s capital city of Dover. The segments can be viewed at the following Web address: C-SPAN will also be broadcasting the segments on non-fiction book channel BookTV (on […]