Native American Projectile Point Classification Guide

Native American Projectile Point Classification Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide a simplified system for the classification of projectile points found in Delaware. It is formulated as a series of questions about the artifact you want to classify. Sometimes the question is in multiple-choice form. Other times it is a yes/no choice. Depending on your answer, you might be directed to another question: or you may find out the name archaeologists use for your point. This may sound complicated, but it is not. We hope you'll find it useful. GOOD LUCK!

Projectile Point Descriptions

If your point does not seem to look like any of these forms, look again.  If it has even a hint of a stem or a notch, pick one of those categories.  If it really does not look like any of these basic forms, it cannot be classified using this system. It may be broken or unfinished.  It may not even be a projectile point!

This classification guide is part of Jay F. Custer's "A Guide to Prehistoric Arrowhead and Spear Points of Delaware." Some of the information contained here is summarized from the above mentioned source. For more detailed information regarding projectile points and their associated dates please refer to the full version of this publication.

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