Historic Preservation Office Contact Information

This document is a directory of who to contact in the Historic Preservation Office.

Protection of Historic Properties

This section includes information about federal and state laws and regulations relating to preservation of historic properties, including working with Section 106, assessing visual effects, and easement/convenant resources.

Preservation Tax Credit Program

The State of Delaware encourages the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings in Delaware through its Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program. This section contains all the information you will need to guide you through the process. If you own depreciable property, there are additional federal tax incentives.


This section addresses cemetery-related issues, including the Delaware State Historic Preservation Office's responsibilities and services, research resources, eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, jurisdictional questions, and federal and state legislation.

Discovery of Human Remains

What happens if you discover an unmarked human burial site? This section describes procedures that must be followed if you discover human remains, as well as a link to the Unmarked Human Remains Law (Title 7 Chapter 54 of the Delaware Code).


This section includes information on access to our Historic Property Research Center, links to a variety of interesting resources and publications, and a link to the Geographic Information System (GIS) for property research.

National Register of Historic Places

Are you interested in nominating a property for the National Register of Historic Places? Learn about the Delaware State Review Board process, access the National Park Service's website, and learn more about what properties are currently listed in the National Register.

Preservation Help Center

If you're not sure where to start, or who would handle your question, start here. This section includes statewide archaeology and preservation network contacts, technical assistance, and resources about how to care for historic buildings.

Architectural & Archaeological Surveys

This section provides guidelines for architectural and archaeological surveys, links to Professional Qualifications Standards, and the National Archaeological Database.

Preservation Planning

This section includes the Delaware State Historic Preservation Plan for 2013-2017, information on the Certified Local Government Program, grant information, and a consultants listing.

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