Delaware and the Federal Constitution
This forty-five minute presentation describes Delaware's role in the writing and ratification of the federal Constitution. The Division administers the John Dickinson Plantation; therefore, special emphasis highlights Mr. Dickinson's contributions.

Documenting Historic Structures
This forty-five minute presentation identifies examples of primary resource documents from which help researchers accumulate information about historic buildings. Prototypes of documents associated with the John Dickinson Plantation, a site listed on the National Register of Historic Places, designated National Historic Landmark, and a Network to Freedom site provide the basis for this exchange of information.

Voices from the Past: The Story of the Relocation of the County Seat in Sussex County
This forty-five minute presentation highlights information about legislative petitions forwarded to Delaware's General Assembly between 1786 and 1791 and their decision to relocate the county seat from Lewes to Georgetown, Delaware.

Decades of Change: The Changing Roles of Women in Federal Delaware
This forty-five minute program describes examples of legislation, historical viewpoints, and situations reflective of Delaware women during the late 1700s.

Enslaved and Freed
This forty-five minute presentation highlights legislation and tax assessment information describing lifestyles of Delaware's African-American population during the 1700s and early 1800s.

Slavery and the Constitution
This forty-five minute presentation reviews viewpoints expressed by delegates attending the federal convention in Philadelphia in 1787 and features information about Delaware delegate John Dickinson's personal philosophy regarding slavery.

Ratification: The Rest of the Story
This forty-five minute presentation chronicles Delaware's role in the writing and ratification of the Constitution and discusses the ratification process as described in Article VII of the Constitution.

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