Candle-making, merry-making and reliving history filled this fall and winter at Delaware’s historical sites.

The state also celebrated Delaware Day on Dec. 7, a commemoration of that day in 1787 when Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution, by inviting the public to participate in a history hunt at First State landmarks. Check out some of the photos they shared below!

Candle-making for the holidays

Did you know that bayberry, a native shrub that thrives in sandy soil, was once used to make candles? The natural coloring and scents from the plant would lead to greenish-hued, sweet-smelling candles. Historically, candles were also made from tallow (animal fat) and beeswax. Those who participated in a candle-making event at the John Dickinson Plantation in November 2021 learned firsthand, over the course of two hours, how much effort once went into something as simple as providing light after sunset—showing that a flip of a switch truly is a modern-day luxury!

Historically, bayberry candles were used for providing light, but today, people consider burning them at Christmas and New Year’s Day good luck. 

Enjoying a historical perspective

Other historical sites throughout the state, such as the Johnson Victrola Museum, donned holiday decorations to bring some joy to visitors. 

Don’t miss out!

If you missed these events this year, make sure to mark your calendar for winter 2022! In the meantime, check out our online calendar to see what else you can discover in Delaware.