By Leigh Shrewsbury, historical interpreter at the New Castle Court House Museum

The New Castle Court House Museum unexpectedly lost a much beloved member of our family on Jan. 30, 2021.

David Price was a cherished team member, historian, re-enactor and absolute master of the corny joke. He spent 10 years at the court house and Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs along with many other historic sites throughout Delaware and its surrounding states.

Photo of David Price
David Price

If you were ever fortunate enough to experience one of Dave’s tours, you quickly noticed his enthusiasm for history, his extensive knowledge and maybe even caught glimpses of his passion for performing. He was well known for his skills as a playwright and performer having written many of the plays and re-enactments put on by the court house. One of his favorite roles was portraying Delawarean Caesar Rodney, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Go to the following hyperlink to see a medical “public service announcement” in which Dave portrayed Rodney urging his fellow citizens to follow preventive measures in response to the “sickness that it going around New Castle.”

Photo of historical re-enactors Jack Witzman and David Price
Historical re-enactors Jack Witzman (left) as Charles Thompson of New Castle, secretary of the Continental Congress, and David Price as Caesar Rodney. Historical records indicate that Rodney wore a green scarf to obscure his face which had been disfigured first by cancer and then by the treatments that he received for the disease.

We were fortunate to spend Dave’s last day with him and he was in great spirits, looking forward to rejoining us as early as next week. Needless to say, his loss was a great shock, and we will feel his absence for many years to come. Fortunately, we have many happy memories and hope you do too. If you would like to share any thoughts or memories of Dave, please do so on the court house’s Facebook page. They will be shared with his family.

Photo of the re-enactment of the Livery of Seizen ceremony
Historical re-enactors (from left) Bob Vander Decker, David Price and Jim Whisman in a program at the New Castle Court House Museum.

While Dave is greatly mourned by the folks at the court house and the division, he will most especially be missed by his partner Dorothy Sherman and his faithful companion, the uniquely named German shepherd, Muffin.

Photo of David Price and Dorothy Sherman
Dorothy Sherman and David Price at the Fezziwig Ball in New Castle in 2017.

David Price joined the staff of the New Castle Court House Museum in 2011 after a 24-year career at General Motors and a lifetime of interest and participation in history. Go to the following hyperlink for more information on his life and accomplishments.