On Nov. 11, 2020, the Johnson Victrola Museum, located at 375 S. New St. in Dover, Del., reopened its second floor gallery which had been closed since June 2020.

Wide-angle photo of the Johnson Victrola Museum’s second floor gallery
Wide-angle view of the Johnson Victrola Museum’s second floor gallery

In preparation for the reopening of the gallery, museum staff made a number of changes which included redirecting lighting to reduce glare; installing a Victor VI, known as the Melba, in the center of the gallery; and installing a new artist-studio display which provides updated information about Francis Barraud and the creation of his iconic painting of a mixed fox/bull terrier, Nipper, looking into a phonograph and listening to “His Master’s Voice.” The image later became the internationally recognized trademark of The Victor Talking Machine Company.

Photo of Victor VI (the Melba)
Victor VI (the Melba)
Photo of the Barraud artist-studio corner
Barraud artist-studio corner