Division to repair garden wall of the New Castle Academy

During the week of June 8, 2020, the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs will begin repairs to the section of the New Castle Academy’s garden wall located on Harmony Street between Third and Market Streets in New Castle, Del. The project is scheduled to last approximately two weeks and will include cleaning, raking, repointing and repairing the stone and brick on both sides of the wall to restore its appearance and condition. When finished, the repairs will complement similar work that was completed on the Third Street portion of the wall in December 2015.

Photo of workers disassembling the New Castle Academy garden wall in 2015
Photo of the completed section of the New Castle Academy garden wall
Before and after photos of repairs to the Third Street section of the New Castle Academy’s garden wall which were completed in 2015. Similar repairs to the Harmony Street section of the wall will be completed in June 2020.

The division will work with the construction contractor to limit inconvenience to the public during the repair process. Residents and visitors will see the usual presence of equipment, materials and workers on site as well as the usual noises that go with repair work during daytime hours.

Located at 31 E. Third St., the New Castle Academy was built in 1799 according to a design by Peter Crowding, a Philadelphia master builder. It served as a public school until 1930 when the New Castle High School was built. The property is currently leased to Immanuel Episcopal Church which utilizes it for many church-related and community activities. The building is one of four historic properties (The Green, New Castle Court House Museum, Arsenal and Academy) that the division administers in Delaware’s original capital city which also serves as the headquarters of the First State National Historical Park.

Photo of the New Castle Academy
New Castle Academy

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