On Jan. 27, 2014, the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs released its fiscal year 2015 to 2019 strategic plan which maps the agency’s vision and direction for the next five years. Go to the following to read the executive summary and the full plan.

Hca Strategic Plan Fy15-fy19 Cover

The “Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs Strategic Plan FY15/FY19” was developed between May and December 2013 by the agency’s 14-member strategic planning team with consultation and facilitation provided by Max Van Balgooy, president and founder of Engaging Places, LLC. In addition, the division’s entire staff, as well as volunteers, partners and affiliates, made significant contributions to the development and realization of the plan.

Planning activities included all-staff meetings, small group meetings with a representative cross-section of division staff and planning-team sessions, augmented by e-surveys which were distributed to staff and partners to collect insights regarding planning-element drafts and objectives.

The more than 2,500 collective hours that were logged during the planning process resulted in the development of a new mission statement and eight core-values that will guide the division in implementing the plan’s five goals, 16 objectives and 63 action items.

As division director Tim Slavin noted in his introduction, “This plan represents a consensus of passion and insight that will make the next five years some of the most expansive and engaging in the agency’s forty-four-year history. It prepares staff with the resources and vision to mark fifty years of excellence in 2020 with new standards in service and stewardship that promise to ‘Save Delaware History’ for future generations.”