By: Alice Guerrant

On February 21, 2013, our National Park Service reviewer approved Delaware’s draft historic preservation plan. In March, one of HCA’s talented graphic designers took that draft and turned it into a beautiful publication with an outstanding layout illustrated with photographs and charts. And on April 16, the State Review Board for Historic Preservation formally adopted the new 2013-2017 plan.

That’s just the beginning for this plan. Now it’s up to the historic preservation community to make this a working document. We all need to become very familiar with its goals and strategies. Where does your group or agency fit in to these strategies? Where can you make a contribution?

One of the strategies in the plan is to have a regular working group come together every six months to review where we are, what’s been accomplished lately, and where we need to focus next. We will be seeking members for that group very soon and setting up the first meeting.

Anyone want to join in?