By: Edward McWilliams
HCA Curator of Exhibits/CARE Manager

Beautiful blooms and fabulous flowers are the reward for a few hours of bulb preparation invested back in late October.  I thought now would be a good time to provide an update on the progress and fragrant success of the bulb project.

Over the past several weeks the bulbs have been flowering indoors. The paper white narcissus quickly sprouted and were the first to showcase delicate white flowers on long graceful stems.

Red and pink hyacinths followed, their fragrance filling the air with a perfume, a reminder that spring will soon come.

Purple and white hyacinths followed.

Bulbs planted in soil included crocus and iris. Crocus plants sprouted early; however, the development to flowering plant size took a little longer.

Iris plants quickly sprouted as well, but again, waited several weeks before the leaves became elongated and the presence of a bud was noticed.

Possibly some of you were adventurous and tried one or two of these methods for forcing bulbs and started a new “historic hobby”. Enjoy the photographs and share your pictures with this hobbyist if you’d like to do so.