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Participate in the 2012 National Historic Landmarks Photo Contest

Last month on Flickr, the National Park Service launched its 2012 National Historic Landmarks Photo Contest. Some impressive images have trickled into the album from historic sites and talented artists from across the country, but Delaware has yet to make so much as a ripple in the pool of contenders!

Naturally… we feel compelled to change this… so here are a few things that you should probably know if you plan to enter the contest and possibly see your work (and Delaware’s history) published on a National Park Service wall calendar:

1. You should probably know about the contest:

The National Park Service has launched its annual National Historic Landmarks Photo Contest! Photographers may enter up to 10 images of different National Historic Landmarks (only 1 image per landmark per photographer) until the contest closes on June 13th, 2012. Winning photos will be featured in a National Park Service 2013 wall calendar. For all of the details and rules about the contest, scroll down to the bottom of the contest’s Flickr page. You can also check out past winners to get those creative juices flowing.

2. You should know what a National Historic Landmark is:

The National Historic Landmarks Program is administered through the U.S. Department of the Interior. Here is what they have to say about it:

3. You should know which National Historic Landmark listings can be found in the First State:

There are 13 National Historic Landmarks scattered across the State of Delaware. However, because some are private homes and some are undergoing repairs, 9 of these beautiful parcels of national history are open to the public and striking a pose just for you.


Those properties include the Corbit-Sharp House, the John Dickinson House, Eleutherian Mills, Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Howard High School, Lightship LV-118 (Overfalls), Lombardy Hall, New Castle Court House, and the New Castle Historic District. We are proud to say that two of these properties – New Castle Court House and John Dickinson House – are HCA museum sites.

4. It would probably help to know where to find these historic properties:

This is our favorite part (aside from your winning photo featuring a historic Delaware property). We wanted to make it as easy as possible to participate in the contest. You’re an artist. You can’t be bothered with having to look up all of these sites, research their history, and find them on a map. You need to save that energy to create! That’s why we’ve gone ahead and mapped out out all of the public National Historic Landmarks in Delaware:

View Delaware’s National Historic Landmarks in a larger map

5. Finally, you should know how to share it with us:

How do you share the fun with us? Well, when you join the contest group on Flickr, join our Delaware History group and be sure to post your images there too. When you’re tagging your photos for the contest, go ahead and tag them with DelawareHistory as well.


Now that you have been sufficiently informed… you have four weekends to visit, photograph, and share nine pieces of American history…. Where will you start??

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