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Descendent community public forum set for April 13

The public is invited to learn more about the inclusive work being done at the John Dickinson Plantation and through the formation of a Descendant Community Engagement Group.

Homework Help

The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs is honored to receive the Books Seal of Approval. This Seal is awarded to sites that are especially valuable to students who are doing research for school reports. Sites that are selected for inclusion in Books must meet a number of criteria, of which the most […]

John Dickinson Plantation hosts activities that bring history to life at Make a Splash 2024

Hundreds of area students visited the John Dickinson Plantation this spring to learn about the importance of water throughout history.

Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania

Background The start of John Dickinson’s career as the “Penman of the Revolution” began with a political pamphlet titled “The Late Regulations” which expressed Dickinson’s thoughts on the Revenue Act (Sugar Acts) of 1764 which raised taxes on sugar. Many Americans, including John, felt Parliament was threatening the rights of the colonies and the “Acts,” […]

Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania: To the Inhabitants of the British Colonies

Penning A Revolution Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania John Dickinson’s most famous contribution as the “Penman” and for the colonial cause was the publication of a series of letters signed “A FARMER.” Dickinson’s thoughts concerning the new Townshend Acts were published in most of the colonial newspapers as well as abroad in England and […]

Participate in the 2012 National Historic Landmarks Photo Contest

Last month on Flickr, the National Park Service launched its 2012 National Historic Landmarks Photo Contest. Some impressive images have trickled into the album from historic sites and talented artists from across the country, but Delaware has yet to make so much as a ripple in the pool of contenders! Naturally… we feel compelled to […]

Serenity on the St. Jones

A Formal Garden Restored The John Dickinson Plantation may not look exactly as it did 200 years ago, but it still gives the feeling of the 18th century. In 1954, Alden Hopkins, who helped design gardens for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, designed a Colonial Revival garden for the plantation. The formal garden was installed during […]

Sharing Stories: Public invited to explore new Plantation Stories Project website

A new website featuring 131 names shares the stories of the enslaved, indentured, freedom-seeking and free Black people who lived, worked and died at and near the John Dickinson Plantation.

Watch C-SPAN Segments Filmed in Dover, Del.

Beginning on July 20, 2013, C-SPAN, the public-affairs television network, will be posting 13 television segments on its website featuring the literary life and history of Delaware’s capital city of Dover. The segments can be viewed at the following Web address: C-SPAN will also be broadcasting the segments on non-fiction book channel BookTV (on […]