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“Delaware Day Competition Display” at Legislative Hall from Nov. 13–Dec. 12, 2019

Works by Delaware fourth-grade students illustrating the U.S. Constitution and Delaware’s role in its writing and ratification.

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Sculptures by Charles Parks Display of works by the noted Wilmington artist featuring historical and political figures including a Minute Man, and presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and George W. Bush. Three Forts, One Community Exhibit This exhibit highlights the cultural and social impacts the Swedish, Dutch and English settlements had on the present day […]

Division now offering tours of the hull of the DeBraak, a shipwrecked 18th-century British warship

Tours taking place through Sept. 26, 2019.

Exhibits and Displays

Onsite Exhibits and Displays Online Exhibits Online Displays On a Wing and a Prayer: The Use of Military Glider Aircraft in World War IIOn a Wing and a Prayer: A Closer Look at Military Glider Aircraft Used in World War IIAmerica’s Heavy Hitter – The B-17 Flying FortressWorld War II Mission Symbols“Donut Dollies” & the […]

World War II: Mission Symbols

  What are mission symbols? Learning about mission symbols painted on aircraft during World War II has proved to be somewhat difficult but interesting research. Mission symbols, also known as mission marks, kill markings and victory decals, are the small symbols painted on the sides of planes, usually near the cockpit or nose, which are […]

World War II: On a Wing and a Prayer: A Closer Look at Military Glider Aircraft

In my previous online display, I explained that gliders were lightweight engineless aircraft that were used by the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II to transport troops and heavy equipment into enemy controlled areas without detection. However, the United States was not the first to use this innovation so how did the idea […]

Word War II: America’s Heavy Hitter – The B-17 Flying Fortress

  In a previous display, I discussed military gliders used during World War II but now I would like to move on to an aircraft that played a pivotal role in the outcome of the war, the B-17 Flying Fortress. What, you ask, was a Flying Fortress? Developed by the Boeing Company in the 1930s, […]

World War II: “Donut Dollies” & the American Red Cross

Are you familiar with the Donut Dollies and the important role they played during World War II? Donut Dollies was the popular term used to refer to the American Red Cross women who volunteered to work overseas in mobile service clubs called clubmobiles. These Red Cross volunteers served to provide food, entertainment and a bit […]

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Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck

Searching for the source of these artifacts, an underwater archaeological investigation located the shipwreck site in 2005, while a second investigation in 2006 recovered a wide range of artifacts representing the ship’s cargo. Historical data, archaeological evidence, and the geographic location of the shipwreck suggest that the vessel is a British merchant ship that ran […]