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Gibraltar Easement Revision

The Gibraltar estate, located at the Northwest corner of Greenhill and Pennsylvania Avenues in Wilmington, Delaware and owned by Preservation Delaware, Inc. is subject to an easement owned by the State of Delaware to preserve the property that was purchased with funds from the Delaware Land and Water Conservation Fund and awarded by the Delaware Open Space Council in 1997. Preservation Delaware, Inc. has been working with CCS Investors LLC, a group of investors interested in developing the property. Preservation Delaware, Inc. requested the easement held by the State be amended to accommodate an increase in the square footage allowed in new construction on the property. The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs conducted a 30-day period for the public to comment on the proposed changes to the easement on the Gibraltar estate located at the northwest corner of Greenhill and Pennsylvania Avenues in Wilmington, Delaware. More than 100 individuals commented, both supporting and expressing concerns about the proposed changes to the easement. Those comments are posted below.

After careful consideration and deliberation it was determined by the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs that the easement amendment request cannot be granted by the Division. The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs’ formal response to Preservation Delaware, Inc. is available here.

Included for background information on the subject you will find the texts of the original easement document and the first amendment to the easement signed in 2000. The proposed amendment with marked changes is also included.

Below please find links to the responses to the public comment from Preservation Delaware, Inc. represented by the Board President, and from CCS Investors LLC, represented by their attorney.


The links below are to ten documents containing the 152 letters/e-mails and attachments commenting on the issue of revising the easement for Gibraltar. They have been scanned in the order of the date on which they were received and within each date, alphabetically by last name. Where comment letters were attached to an e-mail, both documents have been included. Multiple page attachments to a comment letter are marked as attachments; however, there are some attachments which are included here by reference only because they are large technical documents or are already a part of the public record. Only those letters/e-mails received by May 2, 2007 are included.

These documents have been compressed as much as possible, however they are each several megabytes in size. Please allow a few minutes for loading time.


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