Penning A Revolution

John Dickinson

John Dickinson is known as the "Penman of the Revolution" because he was able to put on paper the thoughts and ideals which formed the foundation for our brand new nation. Dickinson was a man trained by scholars. He used his knowledge to think for himself. His pen contributed greatly to the American cause by supporting colonial rights and national endeavors.

Etching of John Dickinson

Letters From a
Farmer in Pennsylvania

John Dickinson's most famous contribution as the "Penman" and for the colonial cause was the publication of a series of letters signed "A FARMER." Dickinson's thoughts concerning the new Townshend Acts were published in most of the colonial newspapers as well as abroad in England and France in 1767-1768.

Booklet Cover - Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania

250th Anniversary Events

In honor of the 250th asnniversary of Dickinson's letters the State of Delaware, the John Dickinson Plantation & other organizations throughout the state will be hosting events, lectures, workshops, and programs at their respective sites.

Carpenter at the John Dickinson Plantation

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