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Plantation Tours

Tours of the plantation enable visitors to compare and contrast lifestyles of the wealthy Dickinson family with those of tenants, poor whites, enslaved individuals and free Blacks residing in Kent County during the 1700s and early 1800s.

School tours complement Delaware’s Social Studies Standards. A special thematic demonstration (weaving, hearth cooking, etc.) can be scheduled for tours.

Tours and other interpretive programs take place during normal operating hours. However, large groups that are interested in a tour must make reservations in advance by e-mailing the site supervisor or calling 302-739-3277.

Politics and Plantation
This tour reviews the life of John Dickinson and the people whom he interacted with (tenants, enslaved individuals, tradesmen, merchants) by utilizing the mansion, outbuildings and primary resources.
In the Best Manner
Compares and contrasts social differences in ownership of items and stylistic changes in architecture and decorative arts.
A World Apart
Synthesizes historical data about enslaved individuals and free Blacks residing in Jones Neck.
Then and Now
Compares and contrasts historical information about the lifestyles of the Dickinson family, children, tenants, and slaves with modern times.
Dickinson Plantation Profiles

Explains the use of primary and secondary resource materials to interpret the plantation’s history.

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