Division Teams

The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs consists of seven teams of professionals dedicated to our goal of saving Delaware history. Each team’s mission statement is detailed below.

Business Administration Team

The Business Administration function of the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs provides a fiscal and administrative support network for customers and staff as we fulfill our mission of preserving and interpreting Delaware history.


The responsibilities of the Collections, Affiliates, Research and Exhibits (CARE) Team include care and control of the state’s collections of museum objects, archaeological artifacts, works of art and archival materials; administration of the Affiliates Program which creates partnerships with history- and heritage-based organizations throughout Delaware to develop joint programs and exhibits; conducting and sponsoring a wide spectrum of archaeological and historical research and making significant portions of research materials available to the public, particularly through the use of electronic mediums; and the research and design of traditional gallery- and online-exhibits.

Horticulture Team

The mission of the Horticultural Unit is to provide landscape support services to the Division sites, to provide stewardship of the historic nature of the individual properties, and to ensure that visitors have a safe and enriching horticultural experience.

Preservation Maintenance Team

The Preservation Maintenance Department is a team of highly experienced tradesmen with over 120 years of combined experience in various trades fields, whose mission is to maintain, repair, and preserve Delaware’s historic buildings and collections in approximately 90 structures on 28 sites, as well as providing support to the Exhibits Department by working hand-in-hand to engineer, construct, and install various exhibit components for this and future generations to appreciate. Through reliability, professionalism, pride, and teamwork, “there’s no job that can’t be done.

Preservation Team

Our mission is to locate, study, and record Delaware’s historic buildings, structures, objects, districts, landscapes, and archaeological sites. We will assist and encourage Delawareans to value, preserve, and protect these resources that reflect our history and heritage.

Site Management Team

Inspired by Delaware’s history, the site management team, serving as stewards of historic sites, creates a stage for the public to be successful in their endeavors. Site managers serve as liaisons between the public and the state government by engaging, interpreting, and communicating Delaware’s importance through educational, social, and cultural activities.

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