Goodbye Howard

By Rachel Wootten, volunteer coordinator, Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs

[Editor’s note: Retired pharmacist and Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs volunteer Howard Fulcher of Dover will be leaving Delaware in August 2015 to return to his native New Jersey. Fulcher served as a division volunteer since April 2011.]

Howard Fulcher
Howard Fulcher

 As I prepared to write this article for the division’s August newsletter, I didn’t know what to say. I knew how much of a positive impact Howard has had on the Johnson Victrola Museum, and in turn, on the division. I knew how much visitors at the museum (especially those from New Jersey) enjoyed Howard and his tours. I knew how much everyone would miss him. I knew how much I would miss him. I knew all these things; however I didn’t know where to start. Writing this article meant Howard really was leaving and I just didn’t want to believe it.

For more than four years, Howard has not only contributed over 730 volunteer hours at the museum, he has also been active in programming and in serving on the Community Engagement Committee that is drafting a marketing plan for the division. He has come into the museum to work countless times, when he was not scheduled, just to help his colleagues on a busy day. He has participated in almost every division event and has always gone the extra mile in everything he has done. When talking to historic-site interpreter Jackie Collins about Howard’s time at the museum, she fondly remembers working on the Fats Waller program with him in February of 2015. She recalls the amount of time and effort Howard put into his research and preparation for the program and how dedicated he was. When speaking with other colleagues about Howard’s Delaware departure there was a common theme—Howard will be greatly missed and certainly never forgotten.

From all of us, thank you Howard! We wish you nothing but the best in New Jersey. You will always be remembered as an important contributor to the division’s volunteer program. Your smiling face, your jolly spirit and your constant jokes will always be cherished. I know I speak for everyone when I say this but the Johnson Victrola Museum family will not be the same without you.

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